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Media Logistics

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KNV Zeitfracht is market leader in book wholesale and as such provides comprehensive logistics services for the book and media industry.

For more than 180 years, the core competence of KNV Zeitfracht has been the distribution of books, e-books, games, DVDs, music CDs, calendars and many other book trade articles. The media logistics company acts as the largest middleman and link between publishers and bookstores, supplying its customers overnight with around 590,000 articles from over 5,000 suppliers from its distribution warehouse in Erfurt – one of the largest and most modern logistics centres in Europe.

KNV Zeitfracht supplies retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as 70 other countries worldwide. For more than 300 publishing houses, KNV Zeitfracht’s publishing house distribution department acts as a full-service provider for warehousing, distribution and other services such as order processing, invoicing, accounting, IT development, statistics and evaluations.

More information about KNV Zeitfracht’s services at www.knv-zeitfracht.de

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© 2020, Zeitfracht

© 2020, Zeitfracht