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Innovations / Digitalisation

Innovations / Digitalisation

CLAM – Container Logistics Asset Monitoring

Berlin-based aerospace company PTS, in collaboration with Zeitfracht, has developed the revolutionary logistics tracker CLAM, which will make logistics industry operations more efficient and environmentally friendly in the future. The brand-new invention is currently going through the patenting process and will help solve a problem that is known worldwide.

The continuous monitoring of locations and calculation of loading capacities of individual containers and swap bodies is currently an enormous challenge for every logistics company. While freight vehicles are equipped with GPS as standard, tracking cargo after a vehicle change or transfer to another company can only be done manually and to a limited extent. In addition, each fleet lacks consistent tracking and sensor data for an average of 10-15% of the cargo. The result is under-utilisation of containers and therefore avoidable loss of revenue.

The CLAM solution makes it possible to track the location and cargo volume as well as the temperature and movement of individual containers at any time and completely independently of vehicles and load sheets. The digitalisation and rapid retrieval of these metrics thus leads to optimised transport management, as route planning and loading and unloading processes can be designed even more efficiently and automated further. Daily updated information or long-term analyses are retrieved via an interactive dashboard. This seamless and, above all, reliable flow of information therefore guarantees fast and simplified work processes. The CLAM unit can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into containers and swap bodies of all types and, with a battery life of 6 months, requires only low maintenance. CLAM is therefore a complete solution that modernises existing fleets and makes an entire industry more profitable and environmentally friendly.


sennOS digital

sennder, Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder, and Zeitfracht, the Berlin-based logistics provider, will drive the digitalisation of the European road freight market with a strategic partnership. Zeitfracht will digitally map all transport processes via sennder’s new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, sennOS. Annually, more than 100 million kilometres of transport journeys will be managed via sennder’s digital platform.

Zeitfracht is the first strategic partner to fully implement sennder’s SaaS platform, sennOS, for transport management and as an operating system. The digital solution enables Zeitfracht to navigate a fleet of 300 trucks and 800 swap bodies as efficiently as possible. Zeitfracht benefits from full GPS visibility of all trucks and route optimisation through sennder’s proprietary algorithm.

Zeitfracht and sennder are committed to making the logistics industry fit for a sustainable future; by using data to optimise route efficiency, sennOS lowers the number of empty runs, reduces the environmental impact of road freight transport and lowers transport costs at the same time.

©2021, Zeitfracht

© 2021, Zeitfracht