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As experts in e-commerce and online marketing, coconad GmbH advises and supports its customers in the areas of communication, content & advertisement. Furthermore, coconad supports you in the conception of web projects and the implementation of individual webshop solutions. The coconad GmbH knows the challenges in connection with multi-channel, vendor and sales questions from many years of experience and accompanies its customers on the way to a sustainable successful business.

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Nowadays, marketing communication no longer serves only to build brands, increase awareness or serve as a direct mouthpiece to the target group. Also for e-commerce, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Co are an important tool to inform about products, offer them and address offers to the target group. For its customers, coconad Consulting offers a targeted, sales promoting marketing communication also outside of Amazon. A team of specialists in the fields of PR, social media and influencer management helps to develop individual campaigns professionally and is available as consultant for controlling and evaluation.

More information about the coconad at www.coconad.de

©2021, Zeitfracht

© 2021, Zeitfracht