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Corporate Values

Corporate Values – That’s what we stand for

Being open, assuming responsibility, showing respect and thereby achieving the highest quality – because of its reliable performance, partnership, innovation and added values, ZEITFRACHT is one of the market leaders in freight and logistics across Germany and Europe. Our success is built on quality, trust, respect, openness, transparency and team spirit as well as the responsibility and involvement of each member in our group of companies. Our corporate values shape our daily work, the way we meet challenges and deal with our employees, customers and business partners.

Focus on quality

Our commitment to quality is of central importance for our business. The high standard we reached is the result of this self-concept and an obligation at the same time: We measure our conduct and performance by the highest standards. This applies to all our employees within their area of responsibility. To assure the highest level of quality, we permanently work on optimizing our procedures and structures for the good of our customers. This applies to our services as well as to our products and management.

Solidarity and team spirit

Our relationships are guided by collaboration based on partnership, mutual support and a shared understanding of trusting cooperation. We stand for each other and support taken decisions. Thereby, we work closely and cooperative, aiding one another. We solve our problems jointly and constructively as partnership enables us to move things ahead.

Responsibility & Involvement

Our employees, their individual skills and commitment are our most valuable asset. Each of us bears responsibility for its field of activity and our shared aims. In order to achieve our goals reliably and bindingly, we attach great importance to the involvement of our employees in our undertakings. The approach we take is always based on partnership and customer as well as employee oriented. To meet the requirements of the market, we remain innovative and are constantly improving. Responsibility determines our entrepreneurial actions.


Trust is the foundation of our work and our daily interactions. We strive for a long-term collaboration and partnership based on confidence, safety and reliability with our employees, customers and our cooperation partners. Trust lives on the credibility, transparency and authenticity we show to our stakeholders. Therefore, we commit ourselves to utmost care and responsibility. Not least, our decades of success are based on our experience, because experience provides safety and safety creates trust. We earn and maintain this trust with honesty and reliable performance – We only promise what we can keep.


Our actions are reasonable, comprehensible and transparent. The company management and local supervisors communicate our strategy and our goals in an explicit and comprehensible manner. Thereby, we encourage the participation of all employees and support goal-oriented behavior throughout the entire company. Transparency makes our actions understandable, constitutes reliability and mutual trust.


Mutual respect is the basis for our collaboration: We treat each person with respect, tolerance and without prejudice. Each employee, independent of its position, is of equal worth and deserves equal appreciation. Therefore, we require from each other to respect the role, performance and experiences of each employee and to treat others as one would want to be treated. This attitude ensures humanity and consideration in a company that is dedicated to success.


Openness and trust are part of our corporate culture and basis for our employee, customer and partner relationships. We pursue a business culture of mutual dialog: We always act and communicate honestly and factually. We accept and deal constructively with different opinions and encourage our employees and business partners to address their concerns in an open and direct way. We understand constructive criticism as an incentive for continuous innovation and development. Our communication culture facilitates collaboration and prevents conflicts. It contributes to a pleasant working environment and creates an atmosphere of mutual trust.

© 2020, Zeitfracht

© 2020, Zeitfracht